About Us

About Us

As Christians we know that we are to gather for the purpose of encouraging each other while stimulating one another for love and good works (Heb 10.24-25). We do this not only by interacting with each other in many ways (just look at our calendar on the home page), but through a series of worship services and Bible classes. 

Worship (10am Sundays)

As God's children, we regularly meet for worship. This is time where we can commune with God and tell Him how awesome we believe He is. Our worship is directed only towards God and has little to no pomp and circumstance to assist it or make it more pleasing to man.  Our focus is not to please men but rather to please God.  Here are some of the things that you can expect when participating in our worship with us. 

Communion (Lord's Supper)

We love to remember and dwell upon thoughts about our Lord Jesus Christ. The communion is one way that He gave us to do this. Weekly, we gather on Sundays to take this bread and juice in memorial of His life, death, and resurrection. Through this observance, we dwell on our own unworthiness and His great grace and mercy. 


We love to sing praises to God and God's word to each other.  In an effort to "sing and admonish one another in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs" we regularly sing together. We use a hymnal or the screen in the front of the auditorium, but also encourage our church family to memorize hymns and sing them from memory and from the heart. Since we all sing together, no one person stands out, draws attention to themselves, or has to be trained musically to take part. It won't matter what your vocal chords sound like. Rather, we encourage you to sing with your heart as you think about the greatness and glory of God.   


As you would expect, God's people are people of prayer. Prayer is God's gift to His people so that we might talk to Him.  We regularly confess our sins, praise His name, and petition His help as we talk to Him. When we gather together, we get to share our concerns with each other. We get to rejoice with those who rejoice while praising God for those blessings.  We get to weep with those who weep while going to God for help. Prayer is not only essential in the lives of individual Christians but is an indispensable part of our fellowship together as God's people.  


One of the privileges of being in the family of God is God's commandments of stewardship. Paul clearly teaches churches that they should give for the support of God's gospel being delivered to all and to help with the financial needs of the church. On a weekly basis the church engages in this exercise and takes up a collection to take care of the recurring needs of the church family. Guests are not expected to participate in this collection nor does the church solicit the funds of those not in the church family.  


Each week the word of God is delivered. This is an effort to grow in faith (Rom 10.17).   Some examples of these sermons can be found on this website.  Feel free to listen to some of these sermons.  


Although this is not typically considered a part of worship, it is a part of our weekly gatherings.  As a church family, we are deeply concerned with the lives of our brothers and sisters.  The announcements are a short time when anyone is allowed to share their news with the congregation so that prayers may be offered or joy may be felt by all. This is also a time to inform all regarding upcoming events, the organization of worship, and to greet the guests. 

Other Activities

Other activities that occur during our assemblies are the kids' worship devotional, where a short devotional is shared with the kids at the front of the auditorium.  There is also a strong focus on fellowship. This happens weekly in our conversations.  It is regular that many will stay after the assembly just to spend some time together. This fellowship also occurs at regular potlucks (every first Sunday of the month), teen times (every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month), and other gatherings.